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If you need our air conditioning or refrigeration services in Dubbo and Central West, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0428 145 178.

Spit system air conditioning system installation in Dubbo

Our team can install a wide variety of air conditioning systems from renowned brands Mitsubishi Electric, Seeley and Daikin. We also provide cost-effective maintenance and repairs.

Technician installing air conditioning Dubbo

We have a range of split system air conditioning units available to suit any home. Ideal for cooling specific areas and easy to install.

Ducted Heater Installation in Dubbo

Enjoy the perfect temperature in your home during the colder months with a gas-powered ducted heating system. Our team installs the most energy-efficient models on the market.

Refrigeration Repairs in Dubbo

Having problems with your fridge or cool room? Our technicians provide 24-hour emergency repairs, so you know your perishables will stay cold! You can also rely on us to install brand new refrigeration systems.

Jordan Wheatland are your local Dubbo air conditioning & refrigeration experts. Servicing hundreds of happy customers throughout the Central West region, we specialise in the sale, service and repair of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration units for both domestic and commercial clients.


As warranty agents for a range of leading brands our fully qualified and licensed technicians are leaders in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry and offer competitively priced installations, servicing and repairs. Whether you’re looking for a Mitsubishi split system air conditioner or ducted heating repair, our team have a solution for you.


Contact us online or call us on 0428 145 178.

24-hour emergency repairs for air conditioners and refrigeration units.

Whether you need a split system air conditioner installed, LPG ducted heating serviced, or quick and effective fridge repairs, our team can help you with professional and reliable service. No matter where you are in the Central West, no matter what time of day or night—Jordan Wheatland Air Conditioning & Refrigeration will be there to help.


As official service and warranty agents for leading brands like Daikin and Seely, our technicians have the expertise and quick access to necessary parts to get you air conditioner back running smoothly again. We also provide installation and repairs on other brands including Breezair, Coolair, Uniflex and Actron.


We also install and service evaporative cooling air conditioners from Breezair as well as gas ducted heating and ducted vacuum systems.

Based in Dubbo, our mobile team travels out to clients throughout the Central West region.


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Refrigerant Licence

No. L104213

Contractor’s Licence

No. 272429C

WHS Licence

No. AU37214

Electrical Licence

No. EA47918

Domestic Air Conditioning

At Jordan Wheatland Air Conditioning, we have spent years installing domestic air-con units to beat the Central West weather, hot or cold. We always make sure we use the best brands and the latest models to give you the greatest air conditioning experience in the business.

We offer both split and ducted models for your home, which both offer unique benefits. A split model is often favoured for small properties and is cheaper if you are on a budget. Ducted air-con systems can cool or heat larger properties at a more efficient rate but require special space for the requisite ducting.

Our air conditioning units can also use reverse cycle to heat your home in winter, making it a great investment for the whole year – not just the warmer months.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning solutions are perfect for any business, and we can even install special commercial units to meet the needs of any company in the Central West. Maybe you want to keep your team warm on a cold winter day, or perhaps you need to cool down busier rooms – there are so many ways that you can benefit from a commercial air conditioner.

Employing air conditioning in the workplace has proven benefits. Your staff cannot perform at their best if they are too hot or too cold – helping them work at a comfortable temperature will boost their productivity and make them enjoy being in the office. Reducing the humidity can also be a big help, as it improves comfort may slow the potential growth of bacteria.

24/7 Emergency Air-Con Repairs

If your air conditioning unit develops a fault of any kind, we will send a specialist out to fix it – day or night. We know that faults and damages never work to a convenient timetable, and having to go a night without heating in the dead of winter is something you want fixed quickly. On top of this, industrial air conditioning could cause severe issues if it suddenly stops working.

Jordan Wheatland Air Conditioning will be there to fix your unit and make sure you can get a temperature-controlled good night’s sleep. To make use of our all-hours repair service, give us a call on 0428 145 178 we will get there as soon as possible. 

Why Choose Us?

At Jordan Wheatland Air Conditioning, we have years of experience and dedicated technicians available at all hours to help your air-con and refrigeration needs across the Central West. We have high standards, and consistently seek to meet them in every job that we take on. We are locally-owned, so we understand the needs of homes and businesses in Dubbo and beyond – our solutions are tailored to the region’s unique climate.

To learn more about our fine workmanship or to get a quote for an air-con installation for your home or your business, call us at 0428 145 178.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us using our contact form.


What is split system air conditioning?

Split system air conditioning units are made up of two parts, an indoor unit that is connected by insulated and refrigerated tubes to an outdoor unit. Split system air conditioning units are the most popular choice of air con system as they are affordable, quiet and effective at cooling small homes.

How can I save energy when using my air conditioner?

Some helpful tips on improving the energy efficiency of your air conditioning include:

  • Turning your air conditioner on early on in the day
  • For split system AC units, adjust the louvres so they disperse the air upwards when cooling and downwards when heating.
  • Ensure the air filter is regularly cleaned

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system designed to cool multiple rooms from a single unit. Cool air travels from the unit to each separate room via a network of ducts in the roof cavity.
For larger homes with many rooms, installing ducted air conditioning is one of the most effective ways of cooling your entire home quickly. In terms of cost, installing ducted air conditioning is usually more cost-effective than installing individual units in separate rooms, and it is a more noise efficient system.

What size air conditioner do I need?

With a wide range of systems and sizes available, choosing the right size air conditioner can be a puzzle. We generally recommend a 2.8KW system for small rooms and 4.2-5.6KW systems for medium to large spaces.

However, the right size air conditioner for your home will depend on a number of factors. This includes the lay out of your home, for example open plan houses typically require air conditioning with more power.

As well as how well your home is insulated and how much glass you have surrounding your home, as more glass typically lets in more heat.