Gas Ducted Heating vs Reverse Cycle

Air Duct For Ducted Heating System

Choosing which heating system is right for you and your property can feel like a minefield. You want to make the right decision – but is that choosing gas ducted heating or a reverse cycle system? Read on to find out more about each option and how to decide what heating system is right for your property.

What is gas ducted heating?

Gas ducted heating runs on natural gas and consists of an external furnace where cold air is passed over a heat exchanger and warmed. This hot air is then distributed around the property via a series of ducts.

Benefits of gas ducted heating

  • Energy-efficient
  • Quick to heat up your property
  • Ideal for larger homes as heat spreads quickly

What is a reverse cycle system?

Reverse cycle systems work by absorbing heat from the outside air and pumping it inside to warm the temperature of the property. Similarly, they can work in reverse to cool the property’s temperature. Reverse cycle systems, therefore, use heat exchange to regulate temperature, as opposed to creating heat using gas or electricity.

Benefits of a reverse cycle system?

  • Heating and air conditioning in one system
  • Achieves comfortable temperature quickly
  • Not impacted by rising gas prices
  • Safer with no risk of gas leaks
  • Require little maintenance

Which heating system is best for my property?

Whilst gas ducted heating does have its benefits, a reverse cycle system is often a more worthwhile investment. Designed to cater for season adaptability, a reverse cycle system will come in equally handy during the hot Australian summer months.

Furthermore, with gas prices continuing to climb, it is predicted that Australians can make huge savings by switching to a reverse cycle system. The Melbourne Energy Institute estimates that the average Australian can save $1,733 per year by making the switch from gas ducted models. A reverse cycle system is, therefore, better for both the environment and for your wallet.

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