Signs Of Blocked Air Ducts & How To Check Them

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Your air conditioning system thrives on the performance of air ducts. If these ducts are blocked, the efficiency of your system can become compromised, and this could lead to discomfort, health issues, and higher energy bills. Wondering what to be on the lookout for when investigating a blocked air duct? Read on for our helpful tips.

Fluctuating heating or cooling

Imbalanced heating or cooling performance will result in temperature variations throughout your home. Even if the thermostat is set at the same temperature, some rooms might be cooler than others. Try and adjust the thermostat to see if this resolves the problem. If the issue continues, you may have a blockage in your air duct. A professional air conditioning technician can identify and clean the blocked duct thoroughly to ensure a high-quality air supply.

High energy bills

Increasing energy bills can be a tell-tale sign of blocked ducts. When your ducts don’t work properly, your system will need to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, and this can result in higher energy expenses. If you notice a sudden rise in your bill, contact an air conditioning technician to examine your air ducts.

Unusual noises

Odd noises coming from your air ducts, such as shuffling or scratching sounds, could be a sign of a blockage. They might also spell vermin infestation, which can lead to a clog due to the build-up of debris. While you can try to clean the ducts yourself, you could well have a broken component on your hands. It’s better to call in a licensed expert to conduct a quality clean and repair of your system.

Leaks or damage

As ducts often disconnect over time, components can become damaged and airflow can reduce. You might hear a squeaking or clinking sound coming from your system, which could indicate damage to the ductwork. You could use a torch to inspect your ducts for leaks or damage. Keep an eye out for disconnections, openings, or loose seams. If you don’t feel comfortable checking this yourself, a professional technician can offer long-lasting, reliable solutions to unclog your ducts.

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