Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Closeup On A Split Type Air Conditioner

A Dubbo buyer's guide to air conditioner types this summer

Whether you’re buying the first air conditioner unit for a new property or looking to replace your current air conditioner, buying the most suitable type to meet your needs can prove difficult, especially if you don’t know anything about air conditioning to begin with. With Dubbo’s summer set to be another scorcher, you need to ensure that you’re prepared to cool down your property accordingly.

Here’s a simple air conditioner buying guide that breaks down the main types of air conditioning systems and why choosing the right type is essential.

What are the different air conditioner types?

Primarily, there are two different types of air conditioning systems. These are ducted systems and split systems. Below are the main differences between ducted and split systems:

Ducted systems

Ducted systems work via the pumping of cool air from a single cooling unit through a series of ducts. These ducts each end in vents, which then distribute cool air into the various rooms of a property. Ducted systems are often a great compact choice, making them ideal for smaller houses or apartments. Ducted systems also provide an enhanced level of control over individual rooms, as opposed to cooling down the property en masse.

Split systems

Split systems work via a number of indoor units that are all connected to a single outdoor unit, usually via a series of copper pipes. They typically offer both heating and cooling systems, which is done by heating up or cooling down the interior refrigeration liquid accordingly. Split systems are a quiet and often cost-effective choice, making them ideal for those that require a peaceful environment or are on a budget.

Why is choosing the right type of air conditioner important?

Choosing the right air conditioning for your property is essential. This is because, without taking factors such as room size, budget and the number of occupants, your air conditioning unit can quickly become an unsustainable or inefficient investment. When this happens, the typical Dubbo summer can quickly become unbearable and, in many cases, a danger to your health.

How can Jordan Wheatland help?

If you require more advice on buying the right air conditioner for your needs, look no further than Jordan Wheatland. We supply and install a range of quality air conditioners from many of the most reputable brands.

Just some of the many ducted and split system brands that Jordan Wheatland stocks are:

  • Daikin
  • Breezair
  • Mitsubishi Electric

For more information on ducted and split systems, or to arrange the supply and installation of a new air conditioning unit in your local area, simply reach out to Jordan Wheatland today.