Frequently asked air conditioning, gas & refrigeration questions

With many years of industry experience behind us, the team at Jordan Wheatland Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is one of the most knowledgeable in the Dubbo region. Our friendly technicians are always happy to answer our customer’s questions.

We’ve listed some common queries we receive, but you can also get in touch with Jordan on 0428 145 178.

Every air conditioner contains an evaporator coil that produces condensation as a by-product of cooling the air. This condensation can leak from the unit for any of these reasons:

  • Clogged drain line
  • Damaged or rusted drain pan
  • Dirty air filter
  • Low refrigerant

Contact our team for an affordable service if you notice your system leaking.

In domestic environments, we recommend having your filter cleaned once every 3 months or so to maintain efficiency of the air conditioner. Commercial high-use systems should be cleaned once a month. A blocked-up filter can increase the energy consumption of the unit by up to 15%.

If you have an outdoor intake unit, it needs to be installed into a wall or window with a safe, dry and well-ventilated area on the outside. You should also avoid placing it in a location that receives a lot of sun, as the extra heat will force the unit to work harder to cool the air.